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VC3 Angus Ranch is a result of our passion for the registered Angus breed. We are devoted to the constant improvement of our herd and the herds of our customers. VC3 is taking full advantage of the genetic opportunities available by utilizing a carefully planned A.I. protocol in order to continue the improvement of our already genetically blessed herd. It thrills us to carve out a few minutes of our day to drive visitors around the ranch to show them what we have to offer and how we are achieving our results. Our goal is to contribute to the success and bottom line of every operation that reaches out to us for quality seedstock and herd sires. Call or stop by so that we can begin our relationship with you and your operation today.

About VC3 Angus Ranch

Everything starts with foundations, and cattle are no exception. When we purchase our foundation herd we had a decision to make; we could start with quantity or quality. We chose quality. Both could have been improved over time but we understood that reputation is a one time opportunity in any business. We have never regretted that decision.

As there are many larger seedstock operations to choose from, I challenge you to find one that will match VC3 Angus Ranch in customer service, integrity and a true concern for your bottom line. We have full confidence that once you become one of our customers, you will stay one of our customers.

Herd Sires at VC3 Angus Ranch

AI Sires at VC3 Angus Ranch

For Sale at VC3 Angus Ranch

VC3 Angus Ranch offers genetic improvement to both the registered and commercial cattleman in the way of high quality registered heifers with a focus on maternal trait, and virgin bulls that have been developed to work hard and last.

Our heifers are bred with the genetics to hold their flesh, milk well, and ween solid and stout calves throughout thier lifetime.

We also have quality show heifers available.

Our bulls are sired by industry leading bulls and have a focus on heavy muscle, deep ribs, and sound feet. Being developed on large range pasture, they are not over conditioned and will hold together when really put to work.

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